The Autistic Enby

I’m Ariangwaed, also known as The Autistic Enby and Ari the Fennec. I’m an autistic genderqueer artist and writer. I’m passionate about equality for all. I don’t consider myself an activist yet, but I’m very strongly against bigotry and for human rights. I’m an advocate for disability, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and other marginalised communities.

This is my main Twitter account as well as the account I associate with my blog. Here, I post and retweet a lot, most retweets being comfort posts such as animal pics and serious posts such as those calling out ableism/racism/etc. I’m most active here.

Here, you can ask me questions anonymously! My replies are always going to be sent to my main Twitter account when posted. You can find my replies on Twitter here. Longer replies that would make a tweet go over the character limit will be in full on Tellonym through the added links, none of my Tellonym tweets being threads.

Here is where I post and retweet art. Anything art related shall be here whether on my main account or not.

This is my Mastodon account. I’m relatively new to the site and rather enjoy the feel of it.

This is my Instagram account, mainly for art. I’m not on it much and hardly post there, but am working on that.

Here’s my DeviantArt account where I post my art. Some art shall only be available to those 18 and older due to the content. I will not post 18+ artwork on my art Twitter account.

This is my TikTok account. I’m new to posting here.

This is my Twitch account. I’ll stream games here sometimes.

This is my Discord server Netflix & Hang where I’ll sometimes stream what I’m watching.

You can send me money here as tips/donations or payment options for commissions.